On August 18-th-20th, all the highways, air passages, field paths, forest trailways, boatable rivers will conspire and take you not to Rome, but to ZaxidFest in Rodatychi near Lviv.

It is a location and a direction vector at the same time.

It is a course of our civil concerns, fears and desires. This is the place of initiation in the end. When your heart is full of rock’n’roll, you know for sure that you chose the right path, and the ride you are about to hitch is the one you need. It’s like being on the other side of the Moon: hilariously cool, but impossible to deliver the whole bunch of your impressions with simple words, cuz you have to live it to the full extent and let it go through you.

A fierily cocktail made of your favorite music, scenery beauties of the recreational resort “Magic Valley”, a friendly and positive energy of people around and all of this covered with the flower honey of sunbeams! No grey concrete boxes and wires over your head. Only frank smiles and emotions as open as a day. Love and only love!

Whenever you come from, here you will feel like home together with your associates and our common happiness of free living! ZaxidFest unites people, this is our main purpose and intent.