Spectacular show

It doesn’t matter what music you like. Here at Zaxidfest there’s music for everyone. Music stages that work independently at the same time will bring your emotions at the maximum and non-stop! Rock on, have a blast! That is why you’re heading to Zaxidfest.





16-18.08 2019






Friendly festival community

Look around! Here are those people who are always by your side. Those people who bring sincere happiness and know how to share it with you. No, you’ll never be sad with them, even more at this festival. If you come here alone, you’ll find a joyous bunch of people to hang out with – that’s guaranteed. Open-hearted and simple, smiles and hugs everywhere around – this is all for real! So dive in the separate world of Zaxidfest.

Full freedom for your imagination

Tell us the truth, you’ve always dreamt of being a Spiderman or invader Zim? Of maybe you felt like being Batman or Superman, but no one believed in your superhuman abilities? Well, we do! Get out of the grey routine of office and city, put on your craziest stuff and come here! Dream on and make your incredible things real, everything that you’ve always wanted to try. It is the right place and the right time here at Zaxidfest.


Tremendous nature

Have you ever had better rest than outdoors in the lap of nature? Woods and lakes are waiting for you. Zorbs will not roll down without you and the rope way will not make a single move. Night stay under the thousand of stars at the camping site will guarantee unforgettable memories. Feel the unity of the expanse and the genuine self.



Area is fenced and guarded

A bundle of wood for every citizen at the campsite


Toilets and outdoor showers

food courts

Night time illumination

Battery Charge Points

Emergency services

The tastiest food seasoned with fresh air

Grill sausages, kebab, baked potatoes, fried fish, fresh vegetables and salad, and everything you’d ever want to eat. Food and beverages for every taste and wallet. With the prices of the previous years and even better quality.




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