Entrance with tickets, combi passes, or festival wristbands only.


The Main Gate operates starting from 9am till 1am.


All people entering the festival grounds do so at their own risk.


All visitors are subject to search upon entry.


If festival rules are violated, the person be banned from entering the festival venue or asked to leave the site without refund of the ticket.


By entering the festival site you give permission for all kinds of photo and video filming of themselves and further public display of these materials.


You can be restricted from entering the festival grounds if you are under drugs or alcohol.



Lineup and set times are subject to change in case of emergency.


When buying entry tickets to Zaxidfest you automatically agree to all the rules and regulations of the festival.


We do not recommend to visit the venue for pregnant women, nursing mothers, psychologically unstable people, and those predisposed to epilepsy.


We do not take responsibility for any loss or damage of possessions you may experience as a result of violation of the Ukrainian laws, safety regulations, public order standards, fire or water safety rules, festival regulations or any other behavior norms.



YES and NO of ZaxidFest

— Things that are not allowed & most welcome at the venue.


NO — entry without ticket or wristband

NO — weapon

NO — drugs

NO — glass or items made of glass

NO — aggression

NO — knives, skewers, instruments other sharp objects

NO — gas burners

NO — Fireworks, Explosives or Road Flares

NO — explosives

NO — hookah

NO — laser pointers

NO — usage of professional photo/video devices without accreditation

NO — large backpacks or bags - leave them in the Campsite or Checkroom

NO — under 18s without adults

NO — Drones or Remote Control Aircraft, Cars or Toys

NO — tents outside the Festival Campsite

NO — swimming in the ponds

NO — trade/advertising without prior permission from the festival



YES — amazing mood

YES — superhero costumes & other magical beings

YES — new friends

YES — tons of music

YES — have a blast

YES — warm clothes

YES — old shoes (you’ll get’em busted)

YES — raincoats

YES — hats

YES — cash (no ATMs here)

YES — tent if you stay at the campsite

YES — warm blanket

YES — cooking facilities - campsite only

YES — contraception

YES — your ID or its copy

YES — flashlight

YES — meds for personal use

YES — food - campsite only

YES — lipsticks

YES — wet and dry wipes

YES — Sorbex

YES — towels for field shower

YES — printed tickets & passes

YES — guitars

YES — GoPro cameras, cell phones, non-professional photocameras

YES — hashtag #zaxidfest

YES — LOOoooove!



Festival Zaxid 2018 will take place 40 km away from Lviv in Rodatychi, Lviv region, at recreation complex “Magic Valley”. It’s located 40 km from Lviv in the direction of the Polish border (Medyka-Shehyni) on M11 highway, 57.3 km from Przemysl, 145 km from Rzeszow (Poland).


The territory of the festival is surrounded by woods, ponds, and fields.

Geographical coordinates of the Zaxidfest: 49°47′56″ north longitude, 23°31′07″ east latitude.



  • When, where & what else you need to know about ZaxidFest

    Zaxidfest will take place on August 24th-26th, 2018. Please note that entry on the first day of the festival is free, because it’s the Independence Day in Ukraine. You need tickets to enter the venue for August 25 and 26. This doesn’t refer to the Festival Campsite.


    If you plan to stay at the Campsite during 3 days, you need to purchase the pass.


    Where is ZaxidFest?

    Zaxidfest is located near Lviv, in Rodatychi of Lviv region, at the recreational complex “Magic Valley”. It’s 40 km drive from Lviv on the highway M11 in the direction of the Polish border.



  • The festival is 3 days but I can buy tickets only for 2 days, how’s that?

    It’s not a mistake. This year, the first day, August 24, has free admission, as Independence Day is celebrated in Ukraine this day. You need entry tickets for the next 2 days of the festival, August 25 and 26.



  • Can I stay overnight somewhere in the festival location?

    There are no facilities for overnight stay at the festival except for the Festival Campsite - you need to buy Campsite passes for 3 days or 2 days & bring your own tents and other camping equipment. No 1-day campsite passes are available.

    Entry to the Campsite will start on August 24th at 9am.

  • Can I arrive earlier, e.g. on August 23rd or 22nd?


  • When does the concert start on August 24th?

    Concert program will start on August 24th nearly 16:00.


  • Коли почнеться концертна програма у безплатний день 24.08?

    Main Gate to the festival operates as entrance since 9:00 until 1:00. You can exit the festival area at any time.

    On August 24th, the Main Gate operates as entrance since 09:00. Exit works 24/7.

  • When can I enter the concert venue itself?

    On August 25th – 26th, the Stage Gate operating hours:

    Main stage 13:00- 01:00.

    Indie stage 13:00 - 23:00.

    Rock stage & Night stage 13:00 - 5:00.

    1-day ticket is valid throughout one concert day during the operating hours of the Stage Gate from 13:00 till 1:00.

    Festival rules & regulations are valid through August 24-26, 2018.

  • Tickets

  • What is included/not included into the ticket price

    What is included into the ticket price: access to the concert venues and the festival infrastructure at the venue.


    What is NOT included into the ticket price: Accommodation, camping passes, campsite infrastructure, parking and additional services (mini-golf, food, water etc).


    2-day tickets allow you to enter the territory of the festival multiple times during the festival.


    1-day ticket allows you to enter the territory of the festival only on the date as defined on the ticket and stay on the festival grounds during this day. 1-day ticket for August 25th is valid for the Night stage that starts on August 25th and ends on August 26th.


    ATTENTION! In case of sold outs you may miss the opportunity to buy tickets. We cannot guarantee tickets available in the shortest terms before the festival and advice you to purchase them in advance.



  • Do I have to print my tickets?

    ATTENTION! Print out your e-tickets in advance and submit them at the checking point at the entrance to the festival for scanning. Remember, not printing your ticket might become the reason for long queues at the festival entrance.

    Can I buy tickets on the spot & will there be 1-day tickets available?


    Tickets onsite will be available at the entrance to the festival, their price will be by 40-60 per cent higher than presale. 1-day tickets can be purchased online on the official Zaxidfest website just like 2-days tickets

    Campsite pass is valid only if the festival ticket is available.


    ATTENTION! Don’t purchase tickets in unauthorized sources. We cannot guarantee their validity. Don’t take the risks of purchasing fake tickets and thus paying twice.


    ATTENTION! don’t post the photos of your tickets online.


  • Ticket control & entry to the festival

    Please note the Festival Main Gate operating hours are 9am till 1am for entry. You can exit anytime. The gate will open at 9am on August 24th.

    The entry procedures

    Your tickets will be scanned at the Main Gate and verified with our database. Further your they will be exchanged to the wristbands that allow you to enter the festival area.

    By receiving your wristband, you thus agree to all the rules and regulations of the festival area.

    You should wear your wristband and keep it undamaged throughout the dates of the festival. Security guards will be checking your wristbands. Once you take your wristband off, you cannot enter the festival area any more. Wristband is valid when it’s on your wrist and is undamaged.


    Attention! Damaged wristbands are invalid and are not subject to replacement.

    2-day wristband enables you for multiple ins and outs to the festival area.

    1-day wristband enables you to enter the festival area only once.



    Do not publish your tickets online and do not pass the copies of your tickets to anyone. When you ticket is scanned at the entry, the barcode is extracted from the database, and you cannot get two wristbands per one ticket. So if someone uses your barcode before you enter the festival, you will be banned from admission, since this code will be invalid. Please don’t purchase tickets from a third party!

  • At what age can I enter the festival?

    If you are under 18, you are prohibited from entering the festival area unless you are accompanied with an adult. You should submit a child’s ID and parent ID at the entrance. Tickets are obligatory for parents and their children over 12 to enter the festival. We do not advise to visit the festival with children under 12.

  • Festival Campsite pass


    What is included in the price of the Festival Campsite pass:

    Multiple ins and outs of the Festival Campsite territory

    Free usage of toilets, showers, recharge points at the the Festival Campsite territory

    Usage of drinking water spots located the Festival Campsite territory

    One wood package bundle. You can get it by submitting a voucher you will receive when getting a Festival Campsite wristband. More wood packages are subject to extra pay

    Placing your tent at the Festival Campsite territory

    What is NOT included in the price of the Festival Campsite pass:

    Parking, football, volleyball, tennis areas, adventure park, kids area, mini golf, food, vehicle entry of the festival area, ticket entry are not included into the Festival Campsite pass. These are additional paid services.

    Attention! The Festival Campsite pass does not include the tent renting fees. You should bring your own tents or book the renting of tents in the city or any other tent renting services.


    For tent rent please follow the link


    Attention! All services at the festival area, except toilet usage are paid. There will be paid toilets outside the festival area. On the territory of the Festival area, you can use paid showers, buy wood and drinking water from water drums or bottled at affordable prices.




  • Where do I live at the festival?

    Festival Campsite


    Accommodation at the festival is available only on the territory of the Festival Campsite. It is a field festival, so accommodation here means living in the tents that you bring along or rent in advance.


    You will need a campsite pass to stay there for 3 days (Aug 24-26) or 2 days (Aug 25-26):

    Please note that it is valid with your festival ticket only. 1 person = 1 campsite pass.

    Attention! The number of Campsite passes is limited! If you don’t buy a Campsite pass in advance, you will not access the Festival Campsite.

    You will enter the Festival campsite ONLY on August 24, starting from 9am.

    Tents can be placed in the Festival Campsite only. All other festival areas are not suitable for camping.

    Entry to the Festival Campsite is separate from the Main Gate


    Hotels in Lviv

    If you feel like you need more comfort, please make sure to book a hotel in Lviv or Horodok in advance.

    You can live in hostels or hotels in Lviv or Horodok. The place of living is up to your choice depending on your requirements and paying capacities.

    Try looking on,,,



  • Festival Campsite + Parking Pass

    If you plan to come to the festival with your own vehicle and wish to park it elsewhere than on the general parking lot, you can buy Festival Campsite + Parking Pass. In this case, your vehicle will be parked near the Campsite (see the map).

    You can buy  Festival Campsite + Parking Pass for 3 days (24-25-26) and 2 days (25-26):

    You can enter the territory of the Campsite and Parking starting from August 24, 9 am.

    Please note that this is one-time parking. Once you park, you won’t be able to exit and enter the parking multiple times.


    Festival Campsite + Parking pass includes:

    Multiple ins and outs of the Festival Campsite territory

    Parking at the separate parking lot (1 vehicle - 1 pass)

    Free usage of toilets, showers, recharge points at the the Festival Campsite territory

    Usage of drinking water spots located the Festival Campsite territory

    One wood package bundle. You can get it by submitting a voucher you will receive when getting a Festival Campsite wristband. More wood packages are subject to extra pay

    Placing your tent at the Festival Campsite territory

    Where do I enter the festival if I have the Festival Campsite + Parking pass?

    To enter the parking lot and campsite and get your wristbands, please follow these directions:

    Drive on M11 highway to reach Rodatychi, after you pass the billboard “Magic Valley” keep straight the main road and drive 500m, take the next turn left (Sokil spot). There our parking volunteers will meet you and guide you to the parking lot.

    You will also have your passes scanned and exchanged to wristbands that you are supposed to wear until the end of the festival and vehicle that should be placed in the visible area in your vehicle.

  • What is not allowed at the Campsite?

    Beverages in glass containers and items made of glass

    Over 1 litre of alcohol per 1 person


    Gas burners (explosive)

    Hookah (glass)

    Weapon, items that can be used as weapon,

    Piercing and cutting objects.

    Explosive objects

    Metal skewers (sharp object)

    Items that can be used as weapon

    You can bring knives with the blade not longer than 8 cm and tourist equipment for your own use in campsite only.

  • Where do I rent a tent?

    Festival doesn’t provide the tent rent directly, but our friends at do. You can book a tent in advance here

  • How to I get to ZaxidFest by bus?

    Lviv is your first destination if you’re coming from elsewhere. You can come to lviv by railway, airlines, cars, buses etc.


    Lviv - Zaxidfest Bus


    Festival buses will be going from Lviv main railway station from August 23rd. We offer transfer to the festival in comfort conditioned buses (50 seats). Buses depart when 50 passengers seated.


    Location is the Dvirtseva square at the Lviv Main Railway Station - 150m to the right side from the railway station entrance near the park. Duration of travel - up to 1 hour.


    Timetable is here


    ZaxidFest - Lviv Buses


    Festival buses will depart from the M11 near the festival in the direction of Lviv. You will have to leave the Festival area, walk 500m through the forest road till you enter highway M11. The bus will arrive at the Dvirtseva square near the Lviv Main Railway Station.


    Timetable is here


  • Driving to Zaxidfest

    When driving from Lviv take the M11 highway. Your destination is Rodatychi, 40 km from Lviv in the direction of Polish border Shehyni-Medyka. Festival takes place on the territory of recreation complex “Magic valley” in Rodatychi. You can exit Lviv through Horodotska street, take M11 highway and head to the west.

    If you’re departing from the Stryiska street or Lviv bus station there, you need to go to King Cross Mall, take the Kiltseva road E40 (he first turnaround), drive 12 km and turn left to the M11 highway.

    When you enter Rodatychi, head straight until you see the billboard “Magic Valley”.

    You can park your vehicle at the general parking (on the opposite side of the turn to the festival area.

    If you have bought the Campsite + Parking pass, you should head further to the next turn left (Sokil spot).

    GPS coordinates: 49.785884, 23.498173

    Driving from the Polish border

    If you are heading from the Medyna-Shehyni custom control, head on M11 highway until you reach Rodatychi. If you have the Campsite+Parking pass, turn right when you see the sign SOKIL (СОКІЛ in Ukrainian), our volunteers will meet you there and guide you through. If you don’t have the parking pass, you can use general parking, so keep driving until you see the festival signs. The parking lot is on the left side of the road. Cross the road and walk nearly 400-500m and you will reach the Main Gate of the Festival where you can exchange your tickets/campsite passes to wristbands, use lockers to leave your things if needed.

  • Getting to ZaxidFest by railway

    You can arrive in Rodatychi by train from Lviv. Local trains are departing from suburban railway station Lviv – Rodatychi. Please check with the current time table at the official website of the Ukrainian Railroads.


    №6105/6106 Lviv - UA border 05:25 Lviv - 06:33 Rodatychi

    №6109 Lviv - UA border 08:50 Lviv - 09:57 Rodatychi

    №6113/6114 Lviv - UA Border 14:05 Lviv - 15:14 Rodatychi

    №6117 Lviv - UA Border 17:50 Lviv - 18:57 Rodatychi

    №6119 Lviv - Mostyska-2  19:50 Lviv - 21:00 Rodatychi

    №6123 Lviv - Mostyska-2 20:50 Lviv 0 21:59 Rodatychi

    Upon your arrival in Rodatychi, walk 400m along the road and turn left after you see the billboard “Magic Valley”. You will have to walk on the forest road, walk a couple of hundred meters and you will be at the Main Gate of the Festival.

    GPS coordinates: 49.785884, 23.498173


  • Festival facilities

    WC & outdoor showers

    Drinking water (paid)

    Water for technical usage

    Lockers (paid)

    Battery charge points

    Emergency services

    Night time illumination

    Information point

    Food courts

    Ambulance, public order enforcement, police and emergency patrols, are at the territory of the festival 24/7, there are two first-aid spots. You can address any of them in case of emergency. If you notice unattended packages and other items, or suspicious persons, please contact the police immediately!

    Can I swim in the ponds?

    No. Ponds at the Festival area are in private rent, so we warn you that swimming is prohibited because the water ponds do not have appropriate certificates and permits, are not equipped with beaches and water security services. Beware safety on the water!

  • Where can I leave my stuff at the festival?

    The Festival is not responsible for any items left without supervision anywhere in the festival area, including paid Festival Campsite, parking, or festival grounds.

    There will be a paid locker service at the Main Gate. The price will range from EUR 1 - EUR 3.4 depending on the size of your luggage.

    Locker working hours:

    Aug 24-26 8:00 - 00:00

    Aug 27 8:00 - 12:00

  • Can I pay with a card?

    No. This is a field festival, so cash only. Any payments with credit cards, e-money transfers etc is not possible.

  • Is there any ATM at the festival?

    No. ZaxidFest is held in the field surrounded by woods, so no ATMs are available. The closest ATM is located in the town Horodok which is 11 km away from the festival venue.

  • Parking

    General parking

    This marking spot is located on the opposite side of the M11 road from the turnover to the festival. After you park, you should cross the road and walk nearly 500 m on the forest road. You will arrive at the Main Gate.

    Please note that this parking lot is free of charge and we offer NO security services here, so please do not leave any valuables in your vehicles.

    Parking for those you bought special Campsite + Parking pass

    This parking is located in a different place. Please see the directions. You can buy this pass only in advance here:

    You cannot park your vehicle at the main gate of the festival.


  • What to eat / drink at the festival

    You can cook food on fire in the campsite or buy food at the festival food courts. The festival food courts will be located in the festival recreation zones, in the Festival campsite and near Main and Rock stages.

    Can I buy water?

    Yes, you will be able to buy drinking water in any of the trade points at the festival.

    Is there any vegan food at the food court of the festival?

    There will be some non-meat meals at the food court like grilled vegetables and potatoes. But we wouldn’t expect full cycle vegan cuisine to be available at the venue as well as no vegan specialties. Please note that when planning your trip.


  • I’ve lost my stuff at the festival. What should I do?

    We’ll have a Lost & Found point at the venue. Your things might appear there if someone finds it and brings it there. So you can stop by and check if your lost property is there or not.


    Remember that there will be lockers at the venue, so you can leave your things there.


    Remember, the more info you give us, the more chance we have of finding it (so if you have a picture of the item, it’s worth attaching that too). Please make the subject of your email whatever the item is (ie, “camera”, “guitar”, “wallet”). Please send a separate email for each item eg bag/camera/wallet but list all the items in the first email so we can tie it up. If you lost a bag containing several items please tell us this.

  • Is photo and video filming allowed?

    A person may be denied entry to, or removed from the Festival site, if he or she is found in possession of any equipment capable of taking professional photographs, making films, sound recordings or broadcasting (or streaming); or if he or she takes any photograph, makes a film, sound recording or broadcast of anything occurring inside the perimeters of the Festival for commercial gain.


    A person may enter the ZaxidFest with photographic equipment where it is integrated into electronic communications apparatus designed for personal private use (such as a mobile telephone) and/or a personal stills camera, but the person may still be removed from the Festival site if they attempt to use this device for commercial gain.

    Flying or filming with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, or so-called drones) is not allowed on site before, during or after the Festival – and is prohibited by law. We have a working site and the safety of our audience, crew and staff is paramount.

    Photographs taken at the Festival cannot be included in any sponsored programme or in any form of advertising without specific approval.


    Photography is restricted or prohibited in certain areas: family camping areas; children’s areas; welfare and medical areas; security and police compounds; all shared performer compounds. You should only photograph in camping areas with the permission of those you are photographing.

    You must respect the privacy of everyone at the Festival.

    These restrictions also apply to performers’  own photographers or film crews.

    I am a performer’s photographer, do I need a special permission from the festival to shoot?

    If you are shooting on behalf of the artist and only their performance on the day, you are entering the venue as a part of the artist crew & you will get the badge of the artist crew.

    However, if you want to shoot more than just one set of your artist, you need to get accreditation from the festival.


    What is a Pro camera?

    Professional cameras are any digital cameras with a removable lens.



    Entrance and stay at the festival area and Festival Campsite is allowed with tickets or festival wristband only.

    When buying a ticket you automatically agree to all the rules and regulations in force at the territory of the festival.

    All people entering the festival grounds do so at their own risk. Administration is not responsible for any loss or damage of possessions you may experience as a result of violation of the Ukrainian laws, safety regulations, public order standards, fire or water safety rules, festival regulations or any other behavior norms.

    For safety considerations, the holders of the event have the right to for security inspections of the attendees. In case of violations of the festival rules, visitors can be banned from entering the festival grounds or asked to leave the site without refund of the ticket cost.

    By entering the festival grounds all attendees give a permission for all kinds of photo and video filming of themselves and further public display of these materials.

    You can be restricted from entering the festival grounds if you are intoxicated with drugs or alcohol.

    Attendance of the event is not recommended to pregnant women, nursing mothers, psychologically unstable people and those predisposed to epilepsy.

    In case of emergency, administration can change the date, time, place and the program of the festival.

    In case of violations of the festival rules, the law of Ukraine, safety regulations, safety arrangements, fire and water safety, tickets of the violators are cancelled without refund.



    Zaxidfest is a paid venue, so take the ticket at the first place

    If you plan to live on paid Festival Campsite, take a tent, sleeping bags and ground pads.

    You should take warm clothes, because it can be cold at night, and extra clothes in case of bad weather conditions.

    Cash according to your needs

    Flash light

    Your ID or its copy

    Wet wipes and pocket tissues

    Drinking water just in case

    Personal hygiene items

    Warm clothes for night and hat for the daytime

    If you are allergic or have chronic diseases, take all the prescribed meds you need


  • Accreditation

    Applications for press accreditation for ZaxidFest is open until August 10, 2018. Please keep up with the deadlines.

    Please note that there are a limited number of press tickets – and applications do always far exceed the numbers available.





    Photography & video




  • Volunteering

    You can join the festival team by volunteering. Please apply here

   Please note that the application is closing soon.

  • Are pets allowed at ZaxidFest?

    Pets are not allowed at the festival venue or festival campsite.

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